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tv   Newsweek South Asia  PBS  December 8, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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money. first two. two explosions at its that time you knew you who will want to it. i know. the news picks off a chair. in this week's episode. twenty six eleven attacks nor does this mean that all the five years of conduct. is the love of her
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life addiction to compensate trained equipped and on those in the teeth now for the dt. it's been five years since the groom some pretty succeeded in rome but that's the case. but the pope would take those off the attack will be announced on the block has shown no interest in bringing them to justice. in fact these groups are hiding under the protection of the government. the washer they promised india to take action against the concrete but it seems that his hands are tied by the army and the isi. his simple. it is when it's actually the idea was asked whether he will order the good land tax. so he gets to go see happen that way. the total attacks were
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carried out by ten members of the script in a bow. when the city into the unguarded arabian sea. our students as well as lower costs of the only terrorists both alive. the attack does have the support of august on intelligence agency isi the dax lost it for three days killing one hundred and sixty four people and injuring the gc hundred and eight the oldest least know where we'd just about to call up and executed. we are what give renewed. what do there because christy was iced in although the precise orbit then attacked them again the bank of course and they were good for being somewhat toward the iv and give it
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did i would have sought to push his word. this request will be assigned as a mark of the vehicle fuel. our cricketers white. nick was either pockets time these two boxes from the isi twenty one did you know you had to force users to the office on diets high in the photo quite adequately. the insight that the week. the agency's of going through physical and the divine did justice to be devoted to the victims. we are still two lists get to john lewis won the western media. coulter book the siege about the attacks the book to read a number of shocking facts above the attack he said the indian government was given more than one warning about an elite the attack on mumbai before the attack. a
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star that there was a series extreme heat beat so intelligent that screens which began arriving in two thousand and six. and that's the least but since i'm greedy he and i can spot to cool off the match its liquor operation. they identified mumbai as the likely target of an attack. that sense but the message which of the steeple nine think that it would be if the guy in school it's that they will be between ten and twelve man says that the weaponry with the ak forty seven cents on cx bikes guy sits atop its posts like this but it's hard to tell the other and it's now a comeuppance but still at the team's history. this is called now and be anything that wasn't mentioned in the shooting was the fact that sunnah and an ounce with the texas tech to say that huge it will be selected. the evidence piled in and said i'm only going about to auntie's house in the night was really taken seriously. connie and the place. when the dc
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payment by the cancer investigate and discovered that the fire in his mind in mumbai was that it's going it will be an attack and he went around the tone of the tibia and still no limits. yes costs of the heuristic and lead to tax the state i about is stronger than ever and remains the favored instrument of the park this sunday to see the ais side against india. and instead of seeking any effective action against any team in speedos the puppets on the established in particular the eyesight continues to provide it support the terrorists onto it. i would support the biblical prophet a perfectly. number one debacle soon and all the good luck i would be complete for them to your diet. and did this and could
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be stated up once he's concluded by the minute you guys the theaters. the fact that relevant to finish painting project i wanted to be grown without it. the two million dollars to use them just in time to decompose eight seats the most feted and see about the scruples about spontaneity. the mixing is deeply involved in the nt the site has conceded to a large number of agents in the end it's the biggest always this season. with that the sun is on getting to take action against it but these are the potatoes on the fact that the new prime minister in the last city did not get any sods to obama with the back to austin to take action against the save
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and why no action had been taken against those involved in the mall by attacks. we don't need to be like this allow the victim. take action quickly. that is why we are now dead to the city the beekeeper from toowoomba it. and i were to be fit to be killed so that local markets up. i think know they have become local keep under review the new one. he has given results of students with pockets on the main skinned it and says that the proof is in suffolk cents this clearly reflects the islam of us intentions dubious that says something else and does something else
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taking action against militants is tossed a ball came off for me but successive bought the new regimes. the fact remains that the government is sponsoring militant groups to keep in life. we exposed to the new face of islam a lot today which is poverty protecting and promoting the toothpicks. this is the true face of this nano bots so called action against militant groups like the stated a bomb. these armed guards. the company of the state on equipped trained and paid by the end to services intelligence with the state's backing the screwdriver is looking stronger and is getting mortem will teach them and mother. it's exciting to be going bust. the government is protecting him giving him problems. on the site is
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still to go to this bbq with it did. head judge. let the ticking clock. he is but because he had to go for the week of it were up and hit the uk. hard to duplicate it but you can make a good pair of august rd pick him up and be happy. but you'll tiki bar kays. he will get the car and start looking for. and that is more day. looks good has been espousing and freezing the sentiments of the country. it's not even spitting young kids providing the training and arming them with guns. peace
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was less exposed than being just the last of the stated time bomb. all young children are indoctrinated and swayed to commit violence. if you think you can check out cool is that what you get the pool overlooking the fifty fifty feet below for the love and it was yet to drop but am far from the catholic doctrine he took a detour to get in. it will. so expect them to hide it. tiki the trick to it. my
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good intention. but you kept that to you. although other successive governments in this novel bond including the common dispensation has been telling blow that they have taken action and have launched a crackdown against them addicted outfits. with the reality is different these groups of mothers seeing the mountains on the sponsorship of the government's. it is. owh yes you can hear it from the boot. it is a photo of the character than to inform people caught. if you both were a little of the front of that. you betcha didn't help either and his writing will be cool the wedding gift in the garden we've been using them too difficult but the fee for the weekend with the fumble by duffy at the scene. therefore the conduct of our dear cousin. some stupid cd is exposed. mona was knows that it does not practise what it
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says. this dreadful promoting this mindset is neither good salute these. nor does it did snow lots of tests. it is what a great bod will stay till this coming up off to the break. still a boy he was all gone back to continue this despite the lead in gaza for what. and puppies on pretty days off talking bill smith of some guy who lives in protest against storm effects what about your seniors week saw the show let's move on up. the u s prisons enough on the song beyond two thousand fourteen has become da phone. there is a need for security agreement between the two countries so that the u s forces going to mean human off to two
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thousand fourteen. this indy is in fable the agreement but surprisingly common cause i dozed off to the bead table in singapore. samuel and accidentally i said what did you see the security team i'll give a strong streak of the country got a steal. now it's up to me. it's a sign of backing upi think i'll ever again. this time with the muppets. the eight ball ready to get pieces for americans of the soil. we have the condition concerning security. security from today onwards. he's from now on american forces are banned from launching operations on afghan hound. what a heavenly it's a tight he said he would not sign. she makes you
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eat that. the statements of the us and eu criticism from bundled up and it's up to the l a based in cheek anti gay and. as a screen or something the key us. and then to be a debate in the end of a nation. he talked about he talked about the lifts. linking betting that constitute the agreement with the elections. in itself is dangerous. it's not just this cute thing to us. indeed in need. you still ask and you would need of guidance. i was fourteen. i bought the bag. i just wanted to do is get good at it and what i know it's not that
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outstanding and to be dictated to allow u s troops tuesday. after that i was fourteen join dawn also in four states. on the guy's a ticket once the dvd i bought a white utility fact that the united states might seem a two ton be signed and out of context on squeezed into the mix to make speed the white house to insist on it and didn't die. i sense of right still it's good just to be convinced that the upstate don't get sick. einstein weeks i'd be complete on sunday to its future into question. then i changed that much today. i do. did it. as always. it was. they don't
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know about. out the clock. i just don't get me these are tactics d c it could put up all its troops at the age of two was fourteen and he's got forces to fight that i wanted to change the airport. so did the participants were forced to strengthen security at the qas team signing off its back its standing up and stolen but some of that state this is a nice light of the nest on the impact site it can be connected. no against on the phone to her to shut down by a shared by which the epa me drool. there were about to go. i gave the name of that between i'm sorry i'm on the spot of the time. not one stone. even
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the dog to the city of one off. the plaintiff with uti duty he's done just yet. that bid and andrew. i was just eating and such. the united states. this is a good deal since the accident was that god's sake it would be any agreement on the status of forces. but how could you be kind enough to change direction in a tent. she said they felt the security team it would be the main duty but it's good to force units will be hiking up the next time fourteen. i'm back. she's still the station and what's ta disc and watch it again. that meant a teacher that's what the future you its mission and of its kind i tossed all
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screenshots and it's sic vested in the double bubble wands security act rules and sign up under scots law made by the end of its ceo. i say to teach always understand obama to decide about the enduring american presence of guns. after that of god command of troops to secure the tt. you its true talking about guns and since rachel carson bite. and then stop diner invitation to tour docs that due to fog up with aunt annie that citizenship with the united states. in this post of drone attacks will cause of candy canes off onto don't need to supply votes is especially the fall so for those of the biggest
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of the madonna has focused on baby gates up. but the bt i feel the need to supply truck crossing on one of the main groups that either built in the province. that is used by the roots cutting supplies to withstand forces. this time bt i can see it's one of the two made by the saudi border points you've studied supplies and officials say nearly seventy percent of zeitgeist of our troops are transported. why are these troops. just some money and get it up just as in like gq much money but to my dh to get the kids are dumb look
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like a chick that notice of the neighboring british beef on top and it kind of band aids. this is john's is still true attacks and leave the cops. some of the two poses to his drone strikes state. the kid to lead the students invited to some entity. although excited officials admit the government broad use of molds them. the yellow easy the lady that i wish that you did that issue yet that a human in it the simple a dorky. who do not seem that bad about that the gift card i made good on his eighty eight. gee maybe the bright yellow monday and its director decent getting it look what's all the raised tensions with washington. by this time with each of the party's spokesman named an american diplomat as the c i a station chief in this lullaby. costing him in the cru director to facebook which runs the ball. in a drone attack that killed six on the web and twenty one
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she saw the installation safety of august on that he didn't stop bochy said last week. she wrote to a police station in the attack on u district. with americans of the month. craig wallace has been added to the ci it the money gets me get into august. he lives by these jars along with c i a director tony bennett. umaga and waging war against islam this day from there. isn't that bad but at the washington dc with ot. on the big bang at home well be
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that they died. these accusations were made based on a joint investigation by the rt and foundations fundamental rights of non government organization that has been objecting that room tax. sixty six and didn't stop. posted by expanding government departments to take immediate action to stop the lyrics by leaving the country. he said. this was the first time the cover of the c i a officer has been real. he will do. you can play on the twenty fifth of august. it is that if you guys do good. it is. it was bizarre due to some of the dead tuesday. dr started off with it yet. yet his
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decency. it was cool. or is it. the net. eugene supper monday. bt i was haunted by all the good stuff. and what he did say that either of them from sticking and e i i i still think of november litigants taste. it still needs its drugs. the process the government hasn't made any official commons the demonstrations the charges made against him was official. ay ay ay ay a a got it all. additional music the fish to win back next week with more new wheels and analysis from the south onto them. when buying milk attracting interest at the end of this the act in my inbox call. this is on the box from signing off on
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behalf of the entire production team of music's off a about. after cancer korean star iraq. specialist analyze the political economic social and cultural issues of korean society korea us relations is the most important relations we live in a country sunday at twelve pm. the light landed me an american talk about that. how women are powerful. if you empower women year empowering birth mothers of raising sons who
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will either drag us into war but deep inside of our mothers are the ones who are protecting their daughters mothers grind and noticed blood and therefore not empowering women were not any chains this forty to fifty percent generation that understanding. also on. i can't help but call out sick the contest and one main iraq as the place. stunningly since we brought them democracy that women are educated they were doctors lawyers and now it's thing and it's taking over their being forced into loans they don't appreciate and i think that the felt needs of a hat so you know i would just say that president obama. what you type in cairo was a great start. box. if you don't get the whole picture and realize the role of women. it will never tell. i hope that everyone in this room takes a moment today when you come home to think about why the most powerful ways to
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empower the arab and muslim world is and how the women so please please stop turning a blind eye to the atrocities against women by at our life and present are women human power of thinking. as demand for fish continues to rise worldwide and ecological disaster is taking place in our oceans overfishing is causing the depletion of its fighters the seats of debt. now below the surface of the dark waters could be the solution the groundbreaking scientific technology down here allows fish to the drilling anywhere even thousands of miles away from the ocean to one utama fish in a conventional fish in his room it's something like five thousand to seven thousand five hundred liters
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of water the edits for production was a cute little fish in our system we got down to forty four zero the two years they awarded for tuna fish with action twenty five years ago professor yup and i came up with an idea that's effects could be fined on land or even in the kazakh in a sustainable eco logical way together with scientist dr yes it's how they develop a process now being marketed as cfa or grilled fish anywhere and dam system. it's different from the usual aquaculture math then the technology. the filling in forms. we can grow fish anywhere. in the desert with no connection was the sole soul to the marine environment. we are establishing their own unique ecology in our system to sustain you. we don't include them in doing so by his demise in the period that can
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recycle it. his jersey he wore to bed and read on this charge and the organic material that the issue if the. do. as opposed to other systems were gay discharge something like the pink paper said that oversaw a twenty percent of the total by a waterfall in the system thursday. a sincere with this charge me know it can go green fish away from the sea don't steal. isabel water shortages honorably of light and it's this that prompted scientists to make the new system eco logically friendly the secret ingredient is specially developed bacteria eighties used to treat that nitrogen and organic waste by products of this production we'll reduce the load. here we are offering. between ecology and we believe this is the future of touch so
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instead of taking fish off the menu. the folks behind cfa are doing all they can to keep the fish vendors happy will feature the most damning to do so. without this evening and three. that will make the feet and moving over there and we can grow the beach where they needed both to this restaurant close to defeat. the also does there are plenty of fashion the sea. but overfishing has put an end to that. now with this new scientific technology. the proverb that could soon be. there are plenty if it's in the tanks it is i wanna know. and as hard as we said good evening is now six pm the time you're
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watching it the jewel in the late seventies the city with the stereo and sat down to it. bob. sth. you knew you or what will. we do. that's the thing is not intended to invite the bnp that tomorrow is the army and deposit the islam as the icing on the night involved a dish from oven a week now. while the government has cut down on file in that case the bnp and its eyes have not kept up the acacia tactics even a beat. we spoke with it but still the jockey media adviser to the bottom of the sheep administration could see no one said that one have to understand that this


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